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CTC Weston Composite Shaft

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The Weston has Sr shaft dimensions and is made to fit Senior replacement blades. Available in a range of flexes to best fit the player. They are durable and responsive, featuring a low-kick for quick shots. Excellent for ball or puck hockey. Available from 70, 85 or 100 Flex with Grip or Non-Grip options. 

The Weston is an excellent first shaft for street hockey as well as something the weekend warriors can trust will handle abuse. A MAJOR upgrade in performance and weight reduction from the $25-30 wood and ABS sticks. It won't be as light as the high end Carbon shafts, but it is a very reliable shaft with a great balance. We dream you'll be pulling this out of the garage every spring and summer until it is passed down to the next generation.

Silver on 3 sides and Black on 1, the graphic was created with the 90's LA Kings and Wayne Gretzky's Aluminum Easton shaft in mind. They look like Metal but don't fear they are very flexible shafts allowing you to get a lot of pop out of each shot!

It was unexpected, but we are finding MORE shooting power out of these shafts then some of the higher end full Carbon shafts. Let us know if you experience the same surprise!

Pair with a CTC Crossover or CTC Air ABS Blade for a flashback to summer street hockey.



  • Carbon (40%) and Fibreglass (60%) Blend
  • Compression molded
  • Round shaft dimensions - Natural feel in the hands
  • Grip or Non Grip 
  • Low-kick flex profile
  • 380g


Flex - Shaft Length

All Flexes - 54 Inches


Blade Fit:

All flexes fit Standard Senior ABS Blades - are designed to fit the CTC ABS Blades best.