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CTC Crossover ABS Blade

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The CTC Crossover is a Standard Sr ABS Blade available in 3 curves. The blade uses an ABS perimeter with wood center for light weight and improved feel. The hosel is reinforced for extra strength in a high stress area.



  • 3 curves: Scholcz (Sakic), Straker (Kane), Bao (Stamkos)
  • Weight: 186g



Please note the Crossover blade hosel is 3/4" shorter than other ABS blades so you may have to extend your shaft to get the length dialed in.

Also the hosel itself is slightly thinner than a standard blade. Some shafts we recommend to wrap 1-2 pieces of stick tape over the hosel to ensure a snug fit. If it starts to wiggle, add more tape. Do not add more glue, only tape.