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CTC Air ABS Blade Sr

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CTC Air ABS Blade is available in Right and Left hands with a TS-23 / Straker / P88 type curve. The Blades are all made by hand so sometimes batch to batch there are differences in the curve.

Still a great curve for shooting a ball, I'd say a shooter and stick handlers curve for sure.

It's super light at under 200g. A shorter hosel than other brands this makes them a bit lighter and stronger in the neck.

The Air blade only has 1 minimal layer of fibreglass reinforcement on the forehand and backhand. Compared to the CTC Strong which has 2 layers on each hand (4 total layers). So at the expense of being lighter, it will wear out slightly quicker.

Still a quality blade that holds up very well on all outdoor surfaces.


  • 192 grams
  • Black ABS Core
  • Wood Hosel
  • Fibreglass with black and gold threading
  • Pre-Glued
  • Straker Curve (P88 / TS23)